"Beautiful Feet" Bible Study & Retreat Kit

"How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!  ~Romans 10:15 NIV

Take a look at your gorgeous tootsies right now. Go ahead. Perhaps you look down at perfectly polished toes and attractive arches; maybe you are faced, instead, with crooked toes and calluses, blisters and bunions. Regardless of their outward appearance, your feet are declared beautiful by God! He has equipped you with uniquely beautiful feet for your walk with Him. Your feet take you many places in your daily walk. Right now, maybe they are aching to be put up. Perhaps your feet are so busy running in all directions that rest is rare. How can you make time to rest those tired tootsies and find refreshment in God's Word?

I am so excited to share with you my four-session Bible study series & retreat kit, "Beautiful Feet!" Take a closer look at your feet and the feet of others, too, as you learn of God's grace in Christ, who walks alongside you and forgives your sins. (Now that's some toe-tapping good news!)
  • Find out more about your unique "shoe size". Examine various styles of shoes and compare each special style to a portion of your walk through life.  
  • Learn what makes truly beautiful feet and what the Lord calls those feet to do.
  • Prepare to be swept off your feet by your Savior as you walk in His Word; kick up your heels with joy in the Lord because he has declared your feet beautiful!
The studies are designed to be down-to-earth & practical, that every woman can relate as she delves into details such as coping with pain and difficulties, serving with commitment and perseverance, finding real rest, making a statement with her life, reaching out to others, and more.

Consider this as a SPECIAL GIFT for your sisters in Christ, your Bible study group, or your ministry leaders! 

The Bible studies are packaged together as a RETREAT KIT, though they are also ideal for a 4-week small group or Sunday-morning class, or as a special event to kick-start or grow existing women's ministry!  Included are PowerPoint presentations for the four interactive Bible study sessions with printable/reproducible leader's materials & participant handouts (so you're set, whether your study will include 2 women or 200!). In addition, you receive a women's ministry Retreat Planning Guide (to make planning any event EASY!) and loads of fun options, details, and reproducibles for planning, publicity, personal touches, and more, all packaged on a CD-ROM.

A "Beautiful Feet" companion devotion book compliments the Bible study series, written to further equip and encourage women as they complete the study or leave the ministry/retreat setting, to have an ongoing & rich personal devotion time at home. The devotion book stands alone, as well – it is small enough to slip in a purse and take everywhere - perfect for a special gift for any woman in her walk of faith.

Jump in with both feet and order "Beautiful Feet" Retreat Kit at:


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I pray that God would use these materials to powerfully impact women's lives for Christ. I also pray that "Beautiful Feet" will put a spring in your step, fill you with hope and encouragement, and support you in your daily walk with Christ.


  1. This is such an awesome ministry tool! The bible studies in the retreat kit are so powerful. I hear people asking for good bible study materials-these are great bible study materials! And if you want to do a retreat, you will have easy step by step instructions & lots of ideas. So anyone out there trying to decide whether to order it or not...go for it, you will be glad you did. I love the devotion book- a great little gift or ministry tool but best of all so nice to read & be filled with God's word & peace.

  2. Thank you, Karen Sue, for your encouraging words. I pray that God continues to bless you and draw you ever closer to Him as you study His Word and share it with others.