"Treasured" Bible Study & Retreat Kit

"The LORD has chosen you to be a people for His treasured possession." ~Deuteronomy 14:2 
What could be more precious than diamonds? YOU!  You are the precious, priceless daughter of your heavenly Father, who sought you and claimed you as His own in Christ. You are tenderly TREASURED by the Lord, who paid the ultimate price for you when He sent His Son to die in your place, filling you with the riches of His forgiveness and grace, and giving you the greatest treasure of all, the promise of eternal life in Him. From a plain old lump of coal to a dazzling diamond, you are continually being transformed in Christ. (Hey, maybe receiving coal in your stocking this Christmas isn't all bad...after all, isn't coal merely a diamond-in-the-making?!) You shine brilliantly as you reflect His glory.

Just as a treasure hunter searches for hidden jewels and buried riches, we seek out and treasure God's Word in this four-session women's Bible study series & retreat kit.  In it, you're invited to open the Bible and take a unique look at His treasures for you. Far greater than the value of any earthly treasure, God's precious Word points the way to Christ, "in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:3).
  • You are a chosen and valuable treasure!
  • You are a diamond-in-the-making, and that requires Time, Heat, & Pressure...
  • You are defined by your Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity...
  • You reflect His light into a dark world in need of a Savior.
 Consider this as a SPECIAL GIFT for your sisters in Christ, your Bible study group, or your ministry leaders! Connect women with God's Word, affirming their precious value to Him.

The Bible studies are packaged together as a RETREAT KIT, though they are also ideal for a 4-week small group or Sunday-morning class, or as a special event to kick-start or grow existing women's ministry!  Included are PowerPoint presentations for the four interactive Bible study sessions with printable/reproducible leader's materials & participant handouts (so you're set, whether your study will include 2 women or 200!). In addition, you receive a women's ministry Retreat Planning Guide (to make planning any event EASY!) and loads of fun options, details, and reproducibles for planning, publicity, personal touches, and more, all packaged on a CD-ROM.

A "Treasured" companion devotion book compliments the Bible study series, written to further equip and encourage women as they complete the study or leave the ministry/retreat setting, to have an ongoing & rich personal devotion time at home. The devotion book stands alone, as well – it is small enough to slip in a purse and take everywhere - a special gift for every woman to continually remind her that she is treasured!

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I pray that God would use these materials to touch women's hearts with hope and joy in Christ, and remind them that they are each a TREASURED child of God, chosen to carry the priceless treasure of the Gospel to the world!  

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