Raising Godly Girls: A Note to My Daughter and a Dedication to My Parents

From Raising Godly Girls: "Just like your own daughter, you are an heir of the King of kings. And now, in the Lord's timing, you are raising royalty. She needs you. Even more important: she needs her heavenly Father. This book will encourage you to lean on God's strong arms of grace as you raise your growing girl to rely on Him."

Courtney, thank you for sharing your memories, your faith stories, your heart. I'm so touched that your name appears with mine on the front cover! You are the very reason I could write this book, by God's grace, as I recalled the joy-filled years when your father and I were busy raising you and your two brothers! 

I dedicate Raising Godly Girls to my parents. As the dedication appears inside the front cover: 
To the king and queen of my childhood palace - my parents, Dick and Gene Hudson: your godly influence prepared me to raise royalty of my own. Thank you for pointing me to Christ and modeling His grace.

I pray that God will use every word in the pages of this book to provide gentle guidance, encouragement, and affirmation to mothers everywhere who are busily raising godly girls, by God's grace. To Him be the glory! 

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