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Please rejoice with me in the release of my new book, Raising Godly Girls, published by Concordia Publishing House. A sneak peek:
"Your daughter is a princess, the beloved child of the King of kings! She is God's workmanship. And so are you. You are part of God's master plan. He chose you to be the mother of a daughter, and He created you, in part, for the task of nurturing, loving, and leading her toward intentional living as a godly girl in a secular world."
The following is a brief excerpt from the introduction. Throughout the book, I invite you to lean into God's strong arms of grace as you teach your daughter how to navigate through the treacherous ways of this world. Each chapter offers real-life stories and biblical truths that will affirm your role as mom and encourage you as you teach your daughter - your princess - to live as God's beloved child.

"Beloved, we are God's children now." ~1 John 3:2

Once Upon A Time, a brand new baby girl was born. She was adored by her parents and was cradled in their care. To them, she was priceless, incredible, beautiful. She was also precious in the sight of His Majesty (1 Samuel 26:24), who claimed her as His own beloved daughter and even made her an heir to His treasure and princess of His kingdom (Romans 8:17). The remarkable thing about this baby girl was that although she had earthly parents, His Majesty was her heavenly Father. In fact, He was her Creator. She was His own workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). His Majesty knitted her together in her mother’s womb and proclaimed her to be wonderfully made (Psalm 139:13-14). Even before the world was created, He chose when and where and to whom this precious baby girl would be born (Ephesians 1:4). He formed all of her days for her, writing each day in His book before even one of them dawned (Psalm 139:16). And as she grew, she became more beautiful in the image of her heavenly Father (2 Corinthians 3:18), and she had a heart that was capable of much love because of the love He first gave her (1 John 4:19).

And so goes the beginning of your precious princess’ life in story form, filled with truth and annotated with promises straight from Scripture. Your daughter has been created, chosen, and redeemed by her Savior. She is the apple of God’s eye. She is the princess of a King. And her real-life story in Christ has oh-so-beautiful beginnings!

We’ve read other stories that begin with “once upon a time” and tell of a princess’ beauty, identity, value, and attributes. Beyond that, however, the similarities between these make-believe tales and your real-life daughter’s story appear to end. But do they? While other once-upon-a-time stories are made up, are the result of an author’s creativity, your daughter’s story is reality; it is not dreamed or imagined or written by the Brothers Grimm, C. S. Lewis, or Walt Disney. But her story does, indeed, have an Author: God, the Author of her life, has written every word on each page.

Every story has conflict, someone or some situation that stands in the way of the protagonist’s goal. Fairy tale conflict usually comes in the form of a wicked character, supernatural force, or fantastical being. The conflict is resolved when the hero—Prince Charming, for instance—saves the day by rescuing the princess and giving her a happily-ever-after ending. You see where this is going, don’t you? Your daughter’s conflict comes in the form of the real world, the devil, and her own human nature. And her hero is, of course, her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who defeated sin, death, and the devil for her! Jesus cut a clear path through the thorny, dark, and demon-filled world so He could take her to eternal life in heaven. And your princess will live happily ever after with Him there!

Although your daughter’s story may not read exactly like a classic fairy tale, you can be assured that she is royalty, and her real-life story is far more engaging than any made-up tale, for the life God has prepared for her in Christ is better and more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine.

From Raising Godly Girls by Deb Burma © 2015 CPH. Reprinted with permission.

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