Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal ~by Sharla Fritz

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A spa for the spirit - just what I need! So often, I am stretched thin by too many demands for my time and attention, in desperate need of some soul care. Author Sharla Fritz's Scripture-filled new book is providing just that - the opportunity for spiritual renewal that I've been craving! Through rejuvenating spa analogies, Sharla offers creative, invigorating ideas for soul care - Spiritual disciplines - to meet with the Savior, to grow in intimacy with God. Each time I sit with Sharla's new Bible study, Soul Spa, I am refreshed and energized, even eager to meet the demands of my days. 

Do you need a place to rest your heart? Come to the #Soul Spa. Learn how to care for your heart in this new book by my friend and fellow CPH author, Sharla Fritz! Sharla was gracious to share her heart with me in the following Q&A.  Put up your feet & enjoy!                ~Deb Burma

Q: What inspired you to write Soul Spa

A: Just like many of you, I’m a woman who wears many hats. In my crazy busy life, I felt pulled apart every week. My spirit was tired and worn. I knew my soul needed the care only the Savior could provide, yet I continued sprinting through my days, not paying any attention to my soul’s cry for help. Finally, after years of ignoring my spirit’s need for rest and restoration, I decided to change. I began to learn how to bring my exhausted, fatigued, and shattered soul to the God who alone can restore it. I studied holy habits that Christians have used for centuries to draw close to the Savior. As I explored these practices, I found that they opened my heart to God’s working in my life. They gave Him the time and space for Him to restore my soul. All of these experiences led me to write Soul Spa–a book that is like a spa for the spirit. 

Q: Share why you used a spa analogy for the book. 

A: At a spa you receive a massage, a facial, a pedicure. Experts use their skills to enhance your health, your beauty. They give. You receive. As I have grown in faith, I have realized that our whole Christian life is a life of reception. We like to think of spiritual growth like a gym. Just like twelve bicep curls a day will strengthen my arms, a few reps of Bible reading, Scripture memory, and prayer will make me a stronger Christian. But in reality, our Christian life is more like going to a spa. Through Bible reading, Scripture meditation, silence and solitude, and other Spiritual disciplines we put ourselves in a position to hear God’s voice and receive His love. He gives. We receive. 

Q: You talk about Spiritual disciplines in the book. What exactly are Spiritual disciplines? 

A: Spiritual disciplines are centuries-old practices that have been used by Christians who want to grow in their relationship to God. Some of them are probably familiar to many followers of Jesus: Bible study, worship, prayer, and Scripture meditation. Others are wellknown, but maybe not always considered a means to grow closer to God: silence, solitude, hospitality, authenticity, journaling. And some of the practices in the book may be new to the reader: Examen and Rule of Life for instance. The purpose of all the Spiritual disciplines is to open up uninterrupted time and quiet space to receive God’s gifts as He speaks to you through His Word. They are not magic in themselves, but they can be a way to open ourselves to God’s invitation to a profound and multifaceted connection to Him.

Q: Describe the book. 

A: The book can be used for personal study or as a group resource. Some of the features include: 

  • Eight week Bible study for personal or group use 
  • Devotional readings 
  • In-depth Bible study 
  • Exploration of Spiritual disciplines 
  • Unique spa analogy 
  • Memory verses
  • Discussion/reflection questions 
  • Creative ideas for spending time with God 
  • Ideas for creating a spa-like environment for group meetings 
  • Directions for creating a personal soul care plan.

Q: Are there any other resources available on this topic? 

A: Yes, I have created a Soul Spa Kit for readers who want more creative ideas for spending time with God. This kit has 59 ideas for creating your own spiritual retreat. You will learn the who, what, where, when, and how of soul care. There ideas for Scripture meditation, times of confession, and joyous praise. Included is a Soul Spa Planner to help you craft your own spiritual retreat. Simply go to my website: to sign up for my monthly newsletter and you will receive this free resource in your inbox!  

Sharla Fritz is a Christian author and speaker who weaves honest and humorous stories into life-changing Bible study. Author of four books including Soul Spa, Divine Design, Bless These Lips, and Divine Makeover, Sharla writes about God’s transforming grace. She is passionate about helping women take their next step of faith.           
Find out more about Sharla on her website:
Twitter: @SharlaFritz
Soul Spa: 40 Days of Spiritual Renewal is available at and Amazon.

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