Book Review ~ Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust

Sharla Fritz’s engaging new book, Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust, is a home-run hit for this girl who struggles with waiting: for answers, for direction, for healing…for my fast-food order…for everything! I stew…I squirm…I sweat. I don’t like waiting! (Can you relate?)

It’s difficult to wait well, isn’t it? Everything in our instant world says, “Why wait?” And yet, the reality is, many times we must. This book is teaching me there’s a purpose for every “pause” in my life, even when I fail to see it as I wait.

Receive encouragement, comfort, and hope as you wait in this season: of life, of the year, of your career, of struggles, of relationships, and more. Whatever the reason for your wait, know that the Lord holds your hand. He is at work, even when you don’t see it. Don’t despair in the delay; it may be a divine interruption for His purpose and His plans…all in His timing and by His grace for you in Christ. And while you wait, you can do so expectantly, confident of God's provision. What might He be teaching you? And what actions can you take, even while you wait?

Through the historical accounts of women in Scripture who waited on the Lord (such as Sarah, Hannah, Martha...and more), you and I can learn to wait WELL. With Biblical depth and wisdom, the author give us a fascinating peek into the cultural context (including backgrounds, timelines, and maps!) of personal narratives in Biblical history. And she provides practical application, enabling us to relate with each woman, personalizing their stories to ours. 

“[God] specializes in coming through when everything appears hopeless to us.” - Sharla Fritz

If you’ve ever had to wait (and who hasn’t?!), this book is for YOU! It’s a must-read for personal growth and study; it’s a perfect choice for small-group or large-group Bible study; and it’s a welcomed gift for a friend. Thank you, Sharla!

With authenticity, grace, and even a bit of humor, Sharla shares her own personal stories, too, having lived through multiple reasons and seasons of waiting! In addition to her insightful teaching of this difficult topic, she's provided creative study questions for growth and reflection, and the opportunity to dig deeper in Scripture, where the Holy Spirit will speak into our lives and throughout our seasons of waiting. May the Lord enable us to see the “pause” in our plans as an opportunity to grow in trust of the One who is working in the midst of it.

Meet the Author! 
Sharla Fritz, Author

Sharla Fritz loves to speak with women's groups and to share about her own struggles, victories, and failures, speaking about how God is miraculously present through them all. 

Sharla is a Christian author, speaker, blogger, musician, and retreat leader. She is also a pastor's wife, mother and grandmother, and confirmed chocoholic. Sharla and her husband, John, live in a Chicago suburb. She is the author of several books, including Soul Spa, Bless These Lips, and Divine Design.

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