A Whirlwind Witness

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40:29
A whirlwind-speed two-day trip to “retreat” with some wonderful Illinois women took me to the Windy City a couple of weeks ago. I flew out Friday and returned Saturday. In the span of twenty-four hours, I had the opportunity to lead AND learn, give AND receive, feed AND be fed (God’s Word…and plenty of chocolate, too!). While I prayed that my words and work would bless these special women, I believe that I received even greater blessings from them as they opened their arms and their hearts to me. We made every moment count - a whirlwind witness to one another for Christ! All too soon, I was hugging good-byes to these new friends, being escorted to O’Hare, and flying home.
A brick wall of fatigue hit me in the airport and again on the plane, and suddenly, I was so weary I could barely string two words together. All I could think about was getting home to my bed.  Though a friend had recently reminded me that my travel time would be a great opportunity to live out my witness for Christ, I had zero energy to do so. “Lord, I pray that You have made me a fragrant offering for You this weekend. Forgive me, for I don’t think I am giving off any such aroma now.”
I slept on the flight and weakly dragged my bags through the Omaha airport, catching the parking lot shuttle bus just in time. Since it was late evening, I guessed I would be the only passenger on board. WRONG! The energetic elderly driver practically bounded to the door to assist me with my bags and apologized that his little shuttle bus was so full, that my luggage would have to sit next to the door. I would be the last on and the first off. That sounded good to me. I took the last available seat and managed a weak smile for the several passengers who stared at me from the sort of circle they formed, the way the seats were arranged. “Why bother striking up conversation when I will be getting right back off the bus?” I reasoned to my weary self. I handed my parking slip to the driver so he could deliver me straight to my vehicle. When we arrived at the supposed spot, however, there was no vehicle. At least not mine. What was wrong? Determining that the coordinates were marked incorrectly, we began to search - in vain. The darkness added to the difficulty, and the other passengers kindly joined our hunt, asking me for the license number, make, and model of my vehicle, how long I had been gone, where I had traveled, and why. (What an unexpected opportunity for a whirlwind-speed witness!) My fellow passengers and I could have been impatient in our predicament, but instead we created some fun! Laughing and talking during our hurried hunt, I learned a little about their lives and their vacation destinations, as well. One by one, their vehicles were found and good-byes were shared. Eventually, the driver and I were the only two left in his little bus, and surprisingly, I no longer felt weary or weak at all. Crouched next to the driver in the aisle, I finally spotted my vehicle! As I got up to go, I touched his arm and said, “God bless you!” He beamed. “Oh, God bless YOU, Ma’am. God bless YOU!”
The Lord gave me strength in my weariness and power in my weakness, that I could give a whirlwind witness for Him when I felt the least capable. What unexpected opportunities may come your way for a whirlwind witness? Know that in His strength you can be a fragrant offering, even when you don’t think you have anything left to give.


  1. Thank you for sharing. What a blessing in how he refreshes us. Did you speak in Chicago? My home state is Illinois but a few hours south of Chicago. Have a great week!

  2. I know those weary travel moments! Just when I feel like I don't have another word to say, God sits me next to someone who wants to spark up a conversation. Doesn't the Holy Spirit work wonders when we are at our weakest? It is humbling and exhilarating to serve our God!