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Stepping Out: To a Life on the Edge! 

(Picture stepping out to the edge of a diving board...) Do you have timid tootsies? Are your feet frozen at the far end of the diving board, paralyzed in place? Stuck in your struggles with your past or your pride, your fears or your worries, your anger, insecurity, or more? Some days do you feel like you are taking the cliched one step forward, two steps back?

Despite our timid tootsies, God has called us to STEP OUT of our struggles and away from our comfort zones to a life lived on the EDGE! How is this possible? And what could life look like w-a-y out there? We will take stock of our struggles. Then we'll view what life might look like beyond the foothold of struggle and w-a-y out there on the edge! Find encouragement in your spring-board to edgy living, rejoicing in the Savior's work in your life. He steps in so you can step out! 

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation - INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - Christian Living/Bible Study Book Published by CPH 2013 

Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply: Receive God's Overflowing Gifts

Whether you prefer to sip a strong cup of Joe, slurp a steamy cup of cocoa, or savor an espresso, prepare to take a break from the daily grind for a real pick-me-up! You will be filled-to-the-brim as you get away to be grounded in God's Word ~ sipping, slurping, and savoring His Good News in Christ! He fills you with a Latte' Love and a Fresh-brewed Faith...and so much more. 

Sessions include: 

(1) "My Cup" - Stained no longer, we are Cleaned Out. In the daily grind, how are we often Poured Out? What does it mean to "spill the beans" and have our cups Dumped Out
(2) "My Portion & My Cup" - Filled-to-the-Brim, we examine our circumstances in light of God's grace in Christ; we look at our Full-Flavored relationships, and we consider the Specialty Blend of unique opportunities placed before each of us. 
(3) "My Overflowing Cup!" - Using the unique descriptions of coffee house beverages, we examine a wealth of Scripture as we rejoice, learning that our cups truly do overflow in Christ! 

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation - INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION  (Bible Study book and companion devotion book published by CPH 2017)

Living a Chocolate Life: Savoring God’s Sweet Grace

Are you craving something sweet?  Looking for something that really satisfies?  Living “A Chocolate Life,” we sample everything from bitter nuggets of pain to sweet morsels of joy.  Some days are dark & lumpy; others are light and smooth.  Whatever the shape, flavor & texture of our days, and however our lives are packaged, we can savor the rich indulgence of God’s endless supply of grace in Christ!  He wraps us in His love and fills us with the sweet filling of faith in our Savior.  

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation -  INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION - Companion Devotion Book Published by CPH 2012; "Living a Chocolate Life" Bible Study book (8 sessions) Published by CPH 2015.


What could be more precious than diamonds? YOU! “The LORD has chosen you to be a people for His treasured possession.” (Deuteronomy 14:2) We are the precious, treasured possession of our Heavenly Father, who sought us and claimed us as His own in Christ! From coal to diamonds, we are continually being transformed in Christ, reflecting His glory and light to a dark world.  (Includes lots of fun discussion about “Bling!”)  

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation – INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION – Published by CPH 2010 - Companion Devotion Book available, too

Beautiful Feet 

Are your feet running in all directions, aching to be put up, or longing to walk alongside others? No matter where you are in your walk, the Lord has equipped you with uniquely Beautiful Feet! (Yes, your feet are beautiful!) Join us as we “lift the lid” off several shoe boxes, examining various styles of shoes and how each represents a portion of our walk with the Lord! What is your “shoe size?” What makes truly Beautiful Feet? And what has the Lord called these Beautiful Feet to do?   

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation – INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION –   Published by CPH 2010 - Companion Devotion Book available, too

Happily Ever After 
Isn't this merely the predictable ending to a feel-good fairy tale? And your life is no fairy tale. Far from make-believe, your true story is, however, filled with adventures, joy, and sorrow, and there is purpose in every paragraph. Though your real life story may not read exactly like a fairy tale, you are royalty, a precious daughter of His Majesty, your Heavenly Father. Your "ever after" that God has prepared for you in Christ, the Prince of Peace, is better and more beautiful than you can even imagine ~ the ultimate happy ending (which isn't really an ending at all)! "What no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him." ~ 1 Corinthians 2:9 

Chapter One: Your life story, from "once upon a time" to "happily ever after" contain a wealth of characters, a plotline filled with adventure and drama, and ultimately, your Hero!
Chapter Two: From the poisoned apple to the glass slipper, our favorite fairy tales can provide us with powerful allegory, pointing us to God's Word and to our life in Christ. 
Chapter Three: A princess-in-disguise receives a royal crown in the greatest love story ever told!  

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation - INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION 

A Woman of Joy... 

Do you long to be a Woman of Joy, regardless of your circumstances? Do you struggle to be a Woman of Humility, living in a world that places priority in pride and self-promotion? Do you desire to be a Woman of Confidence, with the assurance that can come only from Christ? And do you wish to be a Woman of Contentment, fulfilled and satisfied in any and every situation? The apostle Paul wrote, "I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13. Join me for this close-up study of the book of Philippians, the New Testament letter of JOY! Prepare to be filled with God's grace in Christ, encouraged in your faith walk, and blessed beyond measure. 

A Full Retreat-length Bible Study Presentation - INCLUDES POWERPOINT PRESENTATION

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