Are you taking your coffee break with the Savior? (See my post, "Let's Meet for Coffee!") Ready for a refill? Take another break, and get ready to this:

"...Christ lives in you, and he is your hope of sharing in God's glory." Colossians 1:27 Yes, Christ lives in you by the power of the Holy Spirit!  The Savior fills your "cup" to overflowing! Only He can fill your every need and complete you. Only He can define who you really are from the inside out, and only He knows you fully.

In Jesus, you are filled with real and certain hope. God handed you hope in the manger, and He secured your hope of eternity at the cross and the empty tomb. Ask God to open your eyes today to see those around you who may be wandering around without hope, holding out their empty cups, longing to have them filled. As you pour out hope in His name, they, too, will be filled with real and certain hope in Christ, because He lives in you.

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  1. I love the little video - especially "The Halleluia Chorus" from the heart. So cute!! Thanks for the smile.